OYAP - Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
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Welcome to the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board OYAP web site. Here you will find more specific information about OYAP in your school and how to get involved. Feel free to contact us for any other questions you may have about this program.

How to use this site: Click on the OYAP.com menu item to the Provincial OYAP website.

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  1Labour Day
Sep 01, 2014

2Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

3Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

4Accelerated CDP/CYW Information and Registration Night
Sep 04, 2014

Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

5Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

6Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

7Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

8Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

9Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

10LIUNA WHMIS & Fall Arrest Training
Sep 10, 2014

Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

11Pre-Placement Seminars
Sep 02, 2014

Pathways to Success
Ontario Civil Construction Careers Institute

 Inspirational Prayer

“OYAP is about helping students discover their passion and offering the opportunity to do what they love.”
“OYAP is about believing that every student has special talents and gifts with infinite potential and placing that resource in the right place.”
“OYAP is about facilitating for students so they can do what they love and love what they do.”
“OYAP carves the path through the forest so students can find their way and arrive at a destination where they find gratification and a sense of fulfillment.”
“OYAP is about helping students believe in themselves and the community believing in them.”
Written by:
Peter Tassi – Chaplain
Cathedral CSS
Mira Domjancic – Coop Teacher
St. Thomas More CSS
CO-OP IS....
Co-op is a helping hand,
Co-op is perfecting the plan,
Co-op makes you love to learn,
When will it be your turn?
Co-op is new every day, joining co-op will make you say:
"I love my day!"
Lee Costie
Cathedral Catholic Secondary School Student